Black Tea

Black tea is procured from the same plant as green tea, i.e. Camellia sinensis. Black teas are darker than green tea because they are more oxidised. Also, they have comparatively stronger and more intense flavour. Chiya Leaf black tea is also procured from single-estate in Darjeeling. It is organic black tea with a lingering fruity taste and a vegetal aroma.


Berries blend best with black tea and perhaps that makes this black tea blended with dollops of low-calorie berries one of our best sellers.


From aroma to taste, it is nothing but chocolate. The benefits of black tea and antioxidant-rich cocoa nibs make it a guilt-free chocolate drink!


The classic earl grey is a blend of Darjeeling black tea and natural bergamot oil offering some sweet, malty and caramel flavours to your taste buds.


Nothing can complement your breakfast like a classic English tea. The sweetness of malt and delightful honey aftertaste make not just the morning but the whole day!


The Darjeeling black tea is a single-estate organic black tea and, hand down, the best tea for brunch.

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