How Does Tea Help In Reducing Weight?

After water, tea is the second most consumed beverage globally, and there are various reasons behind that. It’s a versatile beverage. You can drink it both hot and cold. It comes in multiple flavours to quench your thirst. It goes with everything. You can make a mocktail and a cocktail with it or even drink it neat!

Yes, there is no best tea for weight loss because tea doesn’t reduce weight directly. It helps in reducing weight by improving your metabolism. Tea consists of two compounds that aid weight reduction. The first is catechins, and the second is caffeine.
Catechin is a type of flavonoid that studies say boosts metabolism and help the human body break down fats more quickly, while caffeine increases your energy use making your body burn more calories. So, any tea with these two compounds is probably the best tea for weight loss.

Tea coming from Camellia sinensis and even not coming from these leaves (we’ll cover this in another blog) are the best tea for weight loss. From white tea to black tea, every tea in between is from the Camellia sinensis family. They are different from each other because of the way they are processed.

Black tea is highly fermented, due to which it has the highest caffeine giving it a strong and rich flavour. Researchers aren’t sure if it helps in reducing weight, but as per a study, it certainly helps in not gaining weight because it might block fat from being absorbed in the intestines. It won’t even do that much if you consume this with milk because milk curbs its fat-blocking abilities.

Out of all the best teas that you get from Camellia Sinensis, green tea is the most capable of boosting metabolism because it is the least fermented. It is rich in catechin, and as per studies, people consuming catechin-enhanced green tea have lost a modest amount of weight.

Oolong tea which is made by drying tea leaves in the hot sun is also a rich source of catechins and helps in trimming belly fat.

White tea is not as effective as green and oolong tea for reducing your waistline, but researchers say that it definitely speeds up the breakdown of existing fat cells and blocks the formation of new ones. 

Note: Tea might slightly push toward your weight-loss goals, but it alone can’t make wonders happen. Actual weight loss is another game requiring exercise and diet changes.


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